Currents named one of the top 5 albums of 2011.

We thought they had forgotten about us, but the kind-hearted boys and girls at X92.9 FM in Calgary, and specifically our special lady friend Malissa Dunphy, have named Currents one of the top 5 albums of 2011. Not too shabby!

This is probably a good opportunity to thank them, once again, for the sweet, sweet love they showed us in 2010. Because of their support we’ve been on two European tours this year and been able to poke our songs into the earholes of so many of you – to our mutual delight.

We have couple of 2012 announcements to make soon also, but those will have to wait a couple of weeks :).
Until next time, electro-friends, stay gold.


Dean, Tyler, and Casey /// The Evidence

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French Love letter

Dear France,

We’ve been home from tour now for over a week, and we miss you dearly. We miss your beautiful people and architecture. We miss eating croissants and chocolate for breakfast.

So, our good buddy Fab at the illustrious Effervescence Records has let us leave some gifts behind for you: here, here, and here.

Effervescence is the French home to Fat Wreck Chords bands as well as This is a Standoff, Actionmen, Antillectual, Mute, Uncommenmenfrommars and Forus. We hope that by association, you will think we are as cool as these bands!

Thanks again to Fab for all of his help with the shows in France. You are truly our French connection. See you next time, buddy!

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Currents Album Artwork Unveiled

Our dear friend Heather McLean has finished the artwork for The Evidence’s new album, Currents. Heather’s canvas of choice is skin and you’ll usually find her working her …

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Soul Doubt

We’ve never really had this problem before: People who want to see our next show, but can’t get a ticket! That’s right, the Xposure wrap-up in Calgary has been sold out for a few weeks now.While a full house pretty much ensures that this will be an amazing show, we do feel for those of you that can’t get a ticket (some of us are procrastinators too). All we can muster as compensation is the promise that there will be another Calgary show in the autumn, and that those of you that have come out show after show for us do have our attention. We’re working on something small but special for you, and want to thank you for the support – even if we can’t show it to you tomorrow night.

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New Songs on iTunes

The Xposure 2010 compilation is now available on iTunes! Featuring three new songs from each band, our brothers in Seven Story Redhead and Calm Asa Coma are also featured on …

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