Soul Doubt

We’ve never really had this problem before: People who want to see our next show, but can’t get a ticket! That’s right, the Xposure wrap-up in Calgary has been sold out for a few weeks now. Obviously this is not all our doing; our brothers in Hollerado, Seven Story Redhead, and Calm Asa Coma are all to blame as well.

While a full house pretty much ensures that this will be an amazing show, we do feel for those of you that can’t get a ticket (some of us are procrastinators too).  All we can muster as compensation is the promise that there will be another Calgary show in the autumn, and that those of you that have come out show after show for us do have our attention. We’re working on something small but special for you, and want to thank you for the support – even if we can’t show it to you tomorrow night.

I’ll also take this chance to thank X92.9 for the support over the summer – we had a good run of airtime there, and we know what that’s worth! To James, Christian, Malissa, Darren, Isaac, and anyone else that was pulling for us – Thank you so much. You’ve given us a boost.

Now let’s party.

Stay gold,

Dean, Tyler, and Casey  – The Evidence

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