Signals Over the Air

It gives us great pleasure to announce that X92.9 in Calgary has added a song, from our upcoming album Currents, called Damn That River to their playlist.

As some of you fellow Calgarians are aware, the station runs an annual contest called Xposure to help support independent Canadian bands. Well, this round, with support from some people who have encouraged us for many years, The Evidence is lucky enough to be considered one of the station’s Xposure winners. Joining us in the honor areĀ  Calm Asa Coma and Seven Story Redhead, two excellent bands we have shared the stage with at Broken City and Junofest, respectively.

In addition to helping us, X92.9 will be helping some of Calgary’s less-fortunate citizen’s get back on their feet through a charity called the Doorway. Each of this year’s three Xposure winners are putting three songs on a digitally-released compilation called Xposure 2010 that will be available on iTunes in July. All proceeds from the sale of this compilation go to the Doorway.

If you fancy yourself a player, or a true electro-friend, give the X an email or phone call at 403.238. X929 and request Damn That River by The Evidence.
That warm feeling you’ll get inside when you make your request is carma… Can’t you just feel it?

Today we had the joy of sitting in on-air with Lynch at the X, who noted that our song is not, in fact, an Alice in Chains cover, but a song we actually wrote together in 2001 when we were known as The Failure. Although some of you may recognize it, this version sounds a lot better!

Our thanks, again, to all of you that saw fit to vote us in, and those of you who pester the station to play the song some more.
We’re grateful, overwhelmed, and overjoyed.

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