An April Update…

In a plane, flying over the Atlantic, sipping a beverage: This is what we are supposed to be doing today.
Booking a European tour is no cake-walk. After five months of planning, and over a year of saving, we ended up at home today instead of on that plane. Our experience as a band allows us to weather more storms than most, but unfortunately the European tour this spring was the casualty. Between schedule gaps that we couldn’t fill and a personnel change-up, something had to give.
We look forward to seeing our European friends in spring 2011 – a tour that we are brewing up already, and want you to know that we’re moving ahead on the things that were going to wait until after the tour – new songs and new recordings. The exact details will have to wait, but we’ll keep you posted as they emerge!

Thanks for listening, electro-friends.
Stay gold,

Dean // The Evidence

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