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by The Evidence

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Simon Threadgate
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Simon Threadgate Not at all what I normally listen to, but this is a long time favourite album, muscular guitars and powerful drumming combined with memorable songs full of hooks. Love this album, heavy pop punk at the best I’ve heard it done. Favorite track: The Oath.
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What You See 04:00
This is a statement of intent from a broken heart Now come between us, you should have seen us Before the world did it’s best to tear us apart (Grown Old, Souls Sold) Where once the motivations were so pure (Burnt Black, Can’t Take It Back) You say you’ve no regrets, but are you sure? Wouldn’t have believed it, but now I’ve seen it You’re just one more voice in the choir now, now, now You might have them fooled, but you won’t fool me, no, you won’t fool me There’s a difference between what you know and what you see See how time just flies when you trade your dreams for their fucked-up lies As they smile and joke and laugh and cut you down to size There was a time when I was sure we were so immune But then the world turned and everything changed much too soon (So much) for every plan we made (So much) for promises, betrayed (So much) for you, but not for me I may have regrets, but I’m still free To march right through it, or bow down to it In the end its just fuel for the fire now, now, now Is life just tossing on the waves? Or a one-way trip into our graves? While you feed the worms and the sea throws you about I will swim for shore and dig myself out
The Oath 03:37
It’s like looking at the spider trying to crawl across my wall When I’m waiting for the phone to ring, though I know you’ll never call I tried singing my lungs out, I tried screaming in vain I tried hating you, baby, I tried cursing your name I tried reading your words to me, it didn’t numb the pain I tried being a different man, but I still feel the same Why do I put my faith in you, when I know you’re going to let me down? It’s like locking all your deadbolts when your enemy’s inside It’s like having all your dreams come true and you’re still not satisfied I tried writing you letters, I tried telling you lies I tried making you see the truth when I looked into your eyes I tried cutting connections, I tried severing ties I tried loving myself instead, but it’s me that I despise
Scales 02:53
If clarity is found in the extremes And everything is just the way it seems Then how come we add depth with shades of grey And resolution fades when we take it away? There’s something in the Earth and in the Air There’s something in the joy and the despair There’s something in the long and short of it There’s something in the pieces that don’t fit Somehow it balances in the end These ethical illusions blend inside When matters of the heart and mind collide Proton and Electron will repel Leaders will lead and Rebels rebel There’s something in the way it pulls apart There’s something in the end and in the start There’s something in the dead and the alive There’s something there that lets us grow and thrive Somehow it balances in the end Somehow it balances in the end Its one part enemy, one part friend Somehow it balances in the end There’s something in word and in the deed There’s something in the want and in the need
New June 03:27
Just let go For better and this curse Lies buried beneath me now, but it’s still the first… Time, I’ve given away so much Trying to be the light painted over your rust You can’t see How it just looked worse and worse My withered faith’s burned out leaving me immersed in… Doubt, stumbling and insecure Crying reverts to being my only cure So I’m taking back part of my investment in you, the part of me that bleeds And feeds this restive fear I’m still here Loving shoulder, helping hand Still standing… ‘Cause it’s just not worth the pain I’d happily sleep alone, sleep well, sleep sane So I’m taking back part of my investment in you, the part of me that bleeds And feeds this restive fear Those thoughts cloud my mind, turning me against you, putting words into my mouth It’s time to step back and step out Just let go
Tremolo 04:17
Outside the circle of favourite sons, unclear if I’m to be a fortunate one My hopes go astray On my own and without your grace, I put my grievance in an airtight place Hide it away Out from the shadow of this grey ghost, and into service as your humble host I’m gonna go, go, go Let isolation smoulder inside of me, and on the surface turn a most pleasant cheek So that no one knows that… Never will I dare to believe So far, failure’s all I’ve achieved My heart gives way to its worst fear Why try when the end is so near? Just like the doors that you slammed in my face, I’ll lock the gate to that empty space And I won’t return ‘Cause if I don’t, you’ll have the better of me, if I won’t this fear is all I’ll see Will you ever learn? Never will I dare to believe Come clean or continue to deceive You take what you want, I have what I need, I’ve burned down this house we’ve built with our greed, and now I am free I won’t let you darken my heart
Second watch on the 16th mile, I’m trembling in the cold I’m so goddamned tired, but I just can’t sleep because I do what I am told So I’m waiting All ain’t quiet on the Western Front, the Gerries advanced again today And we lost Tompkins and Wirth to machine gun fire, but we kept their tanks at bay Still, I’m waiting, we’re waiting for the time when the voices cry out… Stop fighting, stop fighting The memories are so inviting Remember December, that night we laid our arms down Until the light of Christmas day Stop fighting, stop killing Our kings are weak, but our hearts are willing We’ll fight and die here, in the New Year But we will wait, for the day is coming When we will be brothers again I wake in a puddle of blood and sleet, Smithy’s wailing for his Mum He tapped a mine out in no-man’s land Now he’s going back to wherever we all came from We both got drunk in Paris once, when we were on leave there late last spring He said he wanted to be a composer and write great songs But now he’ll never be anything ‘Cause he’s fading and I’m still waiting for the time when the voices cry out…
The Tilt 02:50
I see the tell-tale shadow of a windmill, its standing watch at the top of the hill I see the visions of idealistic madmen who once dreamed against an iron will I’m just a steward of imaginative reveries, I’m just a spirit of an age long past I’m just a captain who is sailing on a sea of distant ways that time will far outlast Go away (You’re too late) You’re too late (Can’t you wait?) Nothing will change (Except the dates) When I can remain free I am a once-loved book that rests now in the fire, I am an artifact that’s covered in dust I’m the deluded knight, I am the loyal squire, I’m the swords and armour left to rust Imagination is a gift that’s left to children, imagination is a burden for the mad Imagination is a hope now for the hopeless when adulthood takes all that we had Go away (You’re too late) You’re too late (Can’t you wait?) Why would I change? (To be the same) I will remain me
They glide like wraiths, they move and weave Through city streets and crowded dance floors With poise and with purpose, they shock and unnerve us Pretending to be everything we are asked to be They belong, they are the zeitgeist, they are the sign of the times They fit in, they are chameleons, they are illusions, nothing more Raining to the beat of the band, they blend Just like ingredients in a recipe that I can’t stand They just pass me by, I don’t buy the lie Because I see right through them, see right through them They laugh and drink like nothing’s wrong You see they’re meant to be wherever they are They’re one individual, its presence residual A veil of subterfuge we all fail to see They belong, they are the zeitgeist, they are the sign of the times They fit in, they are the joiners, they are the Belonging Kind
Excuse Me 03:54
You’ve figured me out now, hope you guessed my name The burning one, the first-born son, the burden of the blame So watch me fall with cindered pride and you can hate whatever I decide No matter how badly it all goes, you can give me a million “I-told-you-so”s Why would I try to make myself happy, when instead I could make you hurt? Why would I sleep beneath the stars, when instead I could nap in the dirt? Keep saying I’m nothing and I may begin to think you right ‘Cause once fallen is always fallen and the pavement looks hard tonight So I’ll sulk in the basement, breathing in brimstone and ash Looking for salvation, improving my station by rooting ‘round through your trash Maybe I’ll regret every choice I’ve made, but the truth for the truth is an honest trade So I lie awake with a worried mind, thinking of all the answers I hope you’ll find But you never get something for nothing, now do ya? Why would I reach for my dreams now, when instead I could dig through the mud? Why would I swim down in the ocean, when instead I could drown in the flood? My exile is complete, horns and cloven feet
Proserpina 04:17
When all seems lost, we find strength in new hope Put aside our differences and try to cope And dream of greener moments and spring’s growth Somehow inevitably what blooms Withers eventually, is consumed And light, life and liberty will die soon Oh, I will sing her name, feel her cold embrace And her kisses, deadly (Proserpina) The sharpest knife cut down to a dull roar With an open invite to a closed door Or having all that we need but we want more


released May 5, 2009


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The Evidence Calgary, Alberta

The Evidence is a square-peg rock band.

Their influences include the melodicism of post-punk acts like Dag Nasty and Samiam, and the outsider musical perspective of bands like Rush.

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